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Meet and stay in touch with gamers around the world, find teammates to play with and create your amazing gamer profile.

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Start your eSports career and get a coach. Earn rank and get rewarded. Boost your LIVE stream.


Meet the Gamers is a romanian startup founded in December 2016 and is a global social network dedicated to gamers, game developers and streamers. Our main goal is to promote the eSports phenomenon, games and to create a strong connection between gamers and IT brands. This is the place where Players become Gamers.

By becoming a member of Meet The Gamers social network, you can:
◽ Meet and stay in touch with gamers around the world
◽ Start your eSports career and get a coach
◽ Find teammates for games you play
◽ Participate on monthly contests
◽ Make your indie game known
◽ Earn rank and get rewarded
◽ Boost your LIVE stream

Meet The Gamers marks the beginning of a new era where gamers around the world can expect the best from us. Enjoy your stay! This is just the beginning. It will be an amazing journey. Together we are much stronger.

Climb the Rank System

We have prepared for you a new Rank System. Earn rank, climb your way to Master and Grand Master and get rewarded, so be quick and active. With Gold rank you can participate on Global Contests. The Master rank can create Events and Groups. The Grand Master rank will give you the possibility to create Groups, Events and Business Pages.

Game Developers

Game Developers are also very welcome to our network. If you are a Game Developer you can get instant access to:
◽ Create Events, Groups and Business Pages
◽ Submit your Game for votes and get feedback HERE
◽ Appear in our weekly Newsletter
◽ Possibility to appear in our Media Outlet

Get in touch with us to receive more details via Contact form.

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Since the beginning, in beta, this site looks like it helps you find anything you want about gaming. For our generation is like a Facebook of gamers, a platform that can help us connect with each other!

Stefan Misaca (Isildur) Stefan Misaca

This new platform is definetly the best i have ever seen. It is especially for Gamers and it helps us find teammates for games we play and even has a ranking system. It has everything a gamer would ever dream of! Big UP!

Stefan Sandor (YolloSteff) Stefan Sandor

I am a gamer and i was in search of a website like this were you can get to know every gamer in the world. Join us and lets have some fun!

Ron Banerjee (Ron) Stefan Sandor

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